Pagan’s Day of Remembrance- Tarot Reading

You won't see me drinking green beer any time soon. Instead, I'm going to grow my roots deeper into my Pagan/Witchy ways and do a tarot reading for you lovelies. (The "Saint Patrick" of old would hate it, which warms my soul.) [ Disclaimer: As always, This is for fun. I'm also just learning so … Continue reading Pagan’s Day of Remembrance- Tarot Reading


Full Moon Tarot Reading 2

A three card draw typically means Past, Present and Future. You can also look at in a: Present Situation, Your attitude, The advice. Just depends on how it could apply to you. Or maybe these cards don't apply to you at all? That's fine too. Sometimes situations apply to us but at an approach I haven't seen in this reading. Some of this may make more sense to you later on. I am not an expert at this, I approach this with positivity and light. A flower cannot grow without the sun.