Exhausted State of Mind

I'm so tired. It feels like I'm dragging my soul behind me, shackled to my ankles. My soul wrinkled and deflated, drags behind my heels sluggishly. I try coffee, but my soul resists, still lax at my feet. My eyes wince from the glow of the computer screen, the brightness too much for my weakened … Continue reading Exhausted State of Mind


TJTS: Horrors at The Harvey (Book 4)

Chapter One “I come in peace!” Khai announced themself while pushing through the kitchen doors of The Java Tavern. Their hands raised in surrender. I looked up from the pies I was adding filling to. Metaphorical ice crystals started to form between us. I visualized them growing all around us like large stalagmites. “Carly let … Continue reading TJTS: Horrors at The Harvey (Book 4)