Compression Gloves & Pink Walls

I've been in a strange head space the last few weeks. I'm having some chronic pain issues that have returned full force. The feeling of melancholy has swept me out to sea. I'm so exhausted. So tired. So aware of everything around me. The arthritis in my hands is so bad that I've started wearing … Continue reading Compression Gloves & Pink Walls


TJTS: Horrors at The Harvey (Book 4)

Chapter One “I come in peace!” Khai announced themself while pushing through the kitchen doors of The Java Tavern. Their hands raised in surrender. I looked up from the pies I was adding filling to. Metaphorical ice crystals started to form between us. I visualized them growing all around us like large stalagmites. “Carly let … Continue reading TJTS: Horrors at The Harvey (Book 4)