Another author friend of mine said for character building she always figures out everyone’s go-to coffee drinks/morning beverages. So I thought I’d give it a try! I am doing their regular orders from The Java Tavern, though… just for extra fun. 🙂

I have the characters listed in order from Main Character all the way down to antagonists that make more than one appearance. No spoilers given away for storyline because these are strictly in reference to their characters!

  • Eliza Woods- Drip coffee. Sometimes she adds a little sugar and creamer depending on the time of day. Her first cup of the day is always black, though.
  • Bartholomew “Barry” Digby – A strong black tea with two lumps of sugar. If he was still alive, that is. Scones or biscuits.
  • Khai Enache – Double shot Americano, two pumps Hazelnut, one pump Amaretto, and creamer. With cookies. Any kind of cookies that don’t have dried fruit in them. Khai hates dried fruit in pastries.
  • Chad Miller – Caramel Latte, typically iced. Rarely hot. And 2, or maybe 3 of whatever pastries look the most appetizing that day.
  • Phoebe Kirkpatrick – Iced Chai Latte. No matter the weather or time of year. She always tries the new pastry of the day, especially if it’s a new creation that her BFF, Eliza, created. If she’s on the run she’ll pop in for a Baby Muffin and her ice latte.
  • Charles “Charlie” Hardy – Black drip coffee because it’s free when he’s in uniform, and he’s always in uniform. Sometimes he’ll order half a dozen chocolate chip cookies (to go) with his free coffee. If he’s drinking his coffee in house he’ll grab a piece of pie.
  • Lexi – Two shots of espresso straight up or she’ll pour them over steamed oat milk with two pumps of caramel, two pumps pumpkin syrups. Seasonally, of course. Lexi likes to follow the flavor trends of the year. Pumpkin, Irish cream, peppermint mocha, you name it. She’ll add those syrups accordingly.
  • Gregor – Iced drip coffee with creamer and whatever fun concoction of syrups he decides for the day. Gregor likes to mix it up and experiment with his basic drip coffee over ice. Consistent but unexpected, just like Gregor himself. He also prefers any flavor pies to anything else Eliza makes just out of personal preference. Secretly, he thinks the baby muffins are disgusting.
  • Carly – Cappuccino. Carly is more likely to order a hot tea but some mornings she needs a little coffee in her sugary milk to get her going and that’s perfectly fine. Carly adores the mini cheesecake pies, plain, no toppings.
  • Nellie – Hot drip coffee with two shots of hazelnut syrup and honey. No cream. Nellie loves the white chocolate macadamia nut cookies and coffee crumble muffins.
  • Myles – Earl Grey tea with two shots of lavender syrup, on ice or hot depending on the weather. Scones or toasted English muffin with butter. Apple fritters if they’re fresh.
  • Tara – Caramel Macchiato, extra cream, extra foam. A baby muffin or another savory pastry. Taco pastries are her favorites so she always goes to The Java Tavern on Tuesdays or has Lexi grab her one before they sell out.
  • Tiffani “Tiff” Harris – Hot chocolate. Tiff doesn’t need coffee. She’s fueled by hate and chaos. Also, she doesn’t eat carbs. How boring.
  • Talbot Chandler – Double shot of espresso with steamed milk instead of water, two pumps of amaretto and a packet of sugar. Not too hot, will ask for ice cubes to go in his coffee if it is too hot to consume immediately. Talbot always orders a chocolate crescent to go with his very particular coffee order and is livid if there aren’t any available.

Well, there you have it. Everyone’s Java Tavern order. That was kind of fun! I really needed think about some of them. A few of the characters have already established their regular beverages in the books, others I had to create from scratch!


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