My goals for 2023 were: Stream 4 days a week, publish book 4, write a blog once (maybe twice) a week, focus on my physical health.

So far I’ve been focusing on my physical health, blogging when I remember, perpetually almost done with book 4 and I have streamed once in over a month.

I’ve read somewhere that this is common with people that stuff with some form of attention disorder. If you set goals and prioritize those “new” goals any amount of routine you had previously will grumble into nothing.

Yesterday I had a very productive writing day. I felt like I moved through a lot of pages adding in character growth in an organic way. Today, I got nothing.

I started my music. I opened the document. I made breakfast. I scrolled fb. My eye started swelling due to pollen. I googled myself. I made a tumblr. I got a community guidelines warning on fb. I deleted my redbubble and opened a new merch store. I coughed until I choked because pollen allergies are kicking my ass. I read the first couple paragraphs of the section I should be working on. I made lunch. I deleted my Buy Me a Coffee because it never got any traction anyway. I made a whole bunch of posts on my new tumblr and reblogged where the book series got mentioned. Blew my nose for the fiftieth time today. Decided to blog instead. Blogging is still counts as work and being productive.

Some days you can’t force yourself to do the task and instead have to focus that unspent energy elsewhere. I really should be cleaning the gutters since we’re hosting a birthday party at my house this weekend. Or cleaning. Or doing anything at all off of this computer. And yet…

I’m really riding the cycle today, friends. The constant coughing and my eye swelling up isn’t helping my ability to focus either. I guess I’ll give up and take more allergy meds and play video games instead… or maybe I’ll find something to watch on tv and lay on the couch under a bunch of blankets.


2 thoughts on “Riding the Cycle of Almost Getting It Done

  1. Great post! I can totally relate to this as I also struggle with attention disorder. My question for you is: How do you find the motivation to keep pushing towards your goals on days where it feels impossible to focus?


  2. I try to find anything on my to do list that I am motivated to do and do that. Or some days, like the day of this post, I fall into a time vortex and do 3 or 4 things simultaneously only to accomplish 1 or 2 of them back complete accident. 🫠 Then my work day is over. I just try not to feel guilty about it.


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