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Boomer Feminism: Female Purists, demanding those assigned women at birth to fight for their existence as “real” women in an attempt to have “equal rights” without really aspiring to equalize humans through their TERF stance on womanhood.

Trans humans have suffered enough. Statistically, Trans humans are the most likely to be assaulted and murdered than any other variation of human identity. Leave them the fuck alone, okay? Discussion over.

This purist feminism shit that the older generation keeps trying to push is so outdated it’s comical. Our Trans friends have always been on the fringe of our society and the white man toxicity is rampant in our queer community enough. We self-identified women, of any sexuality, should never cater to such hateful, disgusting behavior. Once you play into the trans-hate you might as well be a CIS white male making ignorant laws against reproductive rights. THESE ARE THE SAME!

The whole point of “so many genders” is to water down the idea that gender even fucking matters, to begin with. Broadening beyond the binary sexuality terminology will also break down the stigmas that being one gender makes you more important. Also, why not? How does someone identifying as literally anything make your life “less than” in any way? I’ll wait.

People screaming “There are only two genders!” are so brainwashed by the religious ideologies forced on us by the religions of our forebearers. Even if you have since separated your mind from the intoxicating groupthink mentality of a religious group, the brain has developed within that religion’s interpretations of what is acceptable. Religions need to keep adding to the masses to stay alive, much like a virus. What is the sure way to accomplish that? Indoctrinate the children. This is why many religions have strong feelings about birth control of any kind.

How is this related to being trans and reproductive rights? Traditionally, same-sex couples cannot reproduce in ‘organic’ ways. Science has made this a false truth though, so science has become an enemy to religions and hetero propaganda in this way as well. See what I’m saying? If a hetero man falls in love with a woman who transitioned into womanhood, she has no uterus to provide children so therefore it’s wrong in the eyes of traditional society. They must then shame the hetero man that fell in love with a woman, who is a whole person beyond how her body is shaped. In many ways, this is also why purists of any race have problems with anything outside of the hetero agenda. To keep the race pure one must couple “successfully”/having a child with someone of the same race.

This, my friends, is why race and gender fluidity cross paths and HAVE to be equalized with the same amount of speed. I will proudly let a person of color step on my face if it’s to boost their voice against oppression. I, as an individual, am not the one repressing them but my face sure looks like those that have. This is how you become an ally to the cause.

I’ve been “stepped on” a few times as a white woman for the sake of a minority voice in real-life situations. I’ve been to basement poetry readings as the only white person present as the host defended me being there. I took my seat and only spoke when spoken to and only did my own reading after my voice was allowed. That’s how you do it. I am a better person for it. I am a launching pad for anyone “below” me on the totem pole and I live my role respectively. I can recognize my entitled whiteness while also trying to lift the voices of those around me that may be ignored otherwise. Even while forming these sentences it sounds privileged because it is unavoidable when speaking plainly about what the luck of birth gave me. Addressing how you are privileged through the eyes of society is a way to recognize how others are not privileged through the same societal gaze. I am validating their claims by owning these simple truths. I hope I am harnessing these privileges in the pursuit of good although I recognize mistakes are always possible.

While I am CIS, I am also a large woman that has always taken up space. I’ve been called a man or trans in a derogatory way because I’m tall and broad. It was so freeing when I had the epiphany as a thirteen-year-old that being different didn’t have to be a bad thing. Attractiveness is subjective, not objective. I’m too tall for you? You must be insecure, I’m sorry for you. Do you think I look ugly and manly? Good for me, because your personality needs a lot of work. Do you want to call me ‘he’ instead of ‘she’ or call my baby a different gender than the one they were assigned at the hospital? That’s cool, because it doesn’t cause me physical or emotional pain. I am more than a body. I am more than what people perceive on the surface. To celebrate these truths, when I am misgendered or bullied by superficial aesthetics I do not react offended. — These are very unique to me examples as I grew from adolescence into adulthood but you get what I’m saying. Once you free yourself from the stereotypical anchors of that assigned gender you were given: you can allow yourself to find true happiness as yourself. You can also remain that assigned gender if you want while also allowing others to change definitions of that gender as the individual too. I promise it won’t hurt you.

“But how can we—” Just stop right there. Anything after this precursor in a debate about sexual orientation or identity is always a bad time. We always can, whatever it is you’re trying to rationalize. Through science and compassion, all things are possible. You gotta have that compassion and empathy though. Without recognizing your love for humanity and potential for a better day tomorrow, nothing that you bring up will work.

I got into a debate on Twitter about drag queens reading children’s books in kindergarten classes in America this past weekend. I shook the nest of the ultra-conservative, nationalist religious zealots on the platform. They all double and tripled down using words they didn’t understand trying to belittle me. Some even tried to say I was “the same” as the extremists in the replies because I refused to change my view. That’s not how it works, sweetie. Those that came into the replies with compassion or at least a middle ground, were respected in my responses. All others were blocked, flagged for hate speech, or trolled back. I was battling both sides. Calling me a right-wing nut job or a leftist nazi. (I honestly had to google some of the terms and acronyms because I had no fucking clue.) The fact that I was being bullied by “both sides” is proof that our society is not ready to face its blatant sexism.

Just as a side note: if you want someone to like your religion or feel obligated to join said religion you probably shouldn’t weaponize it to emotionally or physically harm someone in the name of that religion.

“I was once a teary-eyed white woman feminist until I got over myself enough to recognize that to have true equality, we must utilize the collective strength across all identities.”

This sexism lives and breaths across all backgrounds. Aggressive, well-researched, reproductive health and general healthcare beyond CIS men science is a requirement for us to become a better America. You will not change my mind. Blurring the lines between sexes and having CIS white men within the walls of Feminism is the only way this will happen. Having privileged white men transition into women and feeling the repression society puts on us is the only way to inspire change. Having one progressive-minded CIS white man in the sea of multi-cultural self-identified women speak their truths is the only way for growth as a nation. Having women transition into a man and use their newfound privileges to bridge the gap between oppression to bring us closer to equality is what is pivotal in this movement. Our Trans friends, nonbinary and otherwise need to be celebrated at every step as we fight this war of equality amongst humans. They should always have a seat at the feminist table.

Don’t let someone do your thinking for you. Have a whole thought within yourself. Do your own research about Women’s Suffrage and the vein of racism within it. I was once a teary-eyed white woman feminist until I got over myself enough to recognize that to have true equality, we must utilize the collective strength across all identities. You must recognize the part you played in oppressing others before you can heal and cater to the end goal of equality. By doing so, you are separating yourself from the mentality of the oppressor.

As a CIS white woman, I’d like to give all other CIS white women a message: Only speak if you’re lifting someone else’s voice in this fight for equality. Don’t talk at all if your goal is to become the oppressor. Equal means equal.

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