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Creative Writing: Kearny Flintborn

art credit: Allow me to introduce you to Kearny Flitborn. She's a Lawful Good Hill Dwarf orphan that grew up in a temple of Dol Arrah. She's a scholar and had a quiet life of reading, research and helping the temple's teachers gather their materials to teach the other orphans of the temple. She… Continue reading Creative Writing: Kearny Flintborn



Photo by Pixabay on It hasn't stopped raining for weeks. On a regular day, I love the rain. A great rain storm seems cleansing to me. The witchy side of me feels like situationally, that the rains come to help wash away whatever worries I've had or maybe give me time for clarity. Rain… Continue reading Rain

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Hey Siri, play Feels on Spotify 2020 was a horrible year. Even for those who are comfortably coupled up. For those that weren't in a good romantic place but cohabitating. Definitely for extroverts. Even for the single people. Especially for teachers and especially for healthcare workers. As an introvert, I can even say it's not been great for me too.… Continue reading Hey Siri, play Feels on Spotify


February Instagram Photo Challenge

Follow me on Instagram and do my photo challenge! Feb ChallengeHashtags to use: #DBFebChallenge #DrunkBeth1 Ice Cream2 Candle3 Date Night4 Chocolate5 Wear Red Day6 Talk7 Super Bowl8 Drink9 Pizza10 Umbrella11 Women12 Chinese New Year13 Galentine's Day14 Valentine15 President's Day16 Mardi Gras17 Morning18 Drink Wine Day19 Smile20 Dinner21 Fav Song22 Margarita23 Shop Local24 Flower25 Breakfast26 Purple27… Continue reading February Instagram Photo Challenge