#DrunkBeth is Elizabeth Garver

Elizabeth worked a decade in local radio and a series of Customer Service Jobs in a previous life. Elizabeth has two kids, a husband, two hamsters and a bunny. In Elizabeth’s free time she enjoys going to the beach, knitting and playing video games with her kids. Since the creation of the internet Elizabeth has been moonlighting as a writer publishing short stories and blogging. Elizabeth is a full-time author and Twitch Affiliate.

On the internet, Elizabeth is known as DrunkBeth. A rather large craft beer Facebook group composed of self-identified “girls” coined the hashtag #DrunkBeth after Elizabeth posted drunk purchases that she had long forgotten by the time they arrived on her doorstep. These purchases became a hashtag in the group and beyond. Elizabeth’s purchases ranged from a hoodie to a three-month supply of organic tampons. Due to the new online exposure, Elizabeth embraced the hashtag and began using it as a username across platforms.

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**Elizabeth does not endorse abusing alcohol or any kind of substance abuse. If you need any help due to substance abuse please reach out to 1-800-662-4357 or help.org